On December 13th 2019, it will be 90 days since PSD2 was enforced.

What does this mean for our online banking members?

SCA is required every 90 days, or the first login after the 90 days for every member (each member will be prompted at the first time they login in after the next 90 days is up), regardless of the frequency of login.

The first time a member attempts to log in to CU247Secure on or after the 13th of December they will be required to enter an activation code to complete the login. This can only be delivered by text message as it expires in 15 mins.

This means that members who do not have a registered mobile will not be able to login after the 13th of December.

How does a member register a mobile number?

In advance of December 13th members must log on to the online banking website or one of the mobile apps and register a mobile number. They must also activate this mobile in advance of the 13th of December.

Please remember that the mobile activation code is sent by post.

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